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Need to boost Shopify AOV and revenue?

Add post purchase offers in seconds with the ZongMart Shopify plugin.

Launching July 2023

Increase Revenue

Add tens of thousands in new revenue with little effort

Improve Retention

Get customers hooked on shopping cart offers

Re-engage customers

About to loose a customer? Show them a new offer


Build Cart Funnels

Build post-purchase funnels triggered by what your customers buy on the checkout.

Simple one click integration, on developers required.

Customize and create

Modify beautifully designed templates to make each offer irresistible.

Create new templates with your team and manage progress of offers.


Grow Revenue

Track the results of every funnel and offer to understand the impact on your AOV and revenue.

Push offers which convert in real time. Remove offers which perform poorly.

Talk To Us

ZongMart is coming in July 2023. If you have a question ask away.